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Air Conditioning

Here at GX landrovers in Cheltenham, our team of expert engineers specialise in landrovers. As a company we are fans of landrovers and we love everything about them – so if you’re looking for a garage that specialises in landrovers then we are the garage for you.

We offer a full air conditioning service for landrovers in Cheltenham. This includes the removal of the old gas from the air conditioning system to a deep discharge level, we then recharge the air conditioning system with gas, we check for leaks by injecting a dye into the air conditioning system within your vehicle and then we disinfect the system to neutralise any odours while protecting against the growth of bacteria in the future. We then offer a service system print that shows the condition of the air conditioning system within your vehicle.

If the air conditioning systems within landrovers are not used regularly the rubber seals may begin to dry out quite quickly. This can result in gas leaking from the system that can lead to the components being damaged. It is highly recommended that the air conditioning of landrovers is used for at least 30mins a week (as a minimum) and that the air conditioning systems within landrovers are checked periodically – ideally when the landrovers are serviced or come in for an MOT.

During the warmer months of summer and the colder months of winter the air conditioning systems within landrovers will generate condensation and this can provide an ideal breeding ground for funghi, bacteria, germs and more. This can then result in a nasty, musty scent within landrovers that is unpleasant and can be harmful to your health.

A well looked after air conditioning system will prolong the quality and life of the system and of landrovers too. Here at GX Landrovers we can service your landrovers air conditioning in Cheltenham, for a great value price. Our professional mechanics are experienced in working on landrovers so when you choose GX Landrovers in Cheltenham you know you and your vehicle are in safe hands.

Why not call our friendly team now to book your vehicle in for an air conditioning service in Cheltenham?


Why Choose GX

Landrovers in Cheltenham?


We offer a local collection and delivery service


We have a waiting area available so you can wait comfortably while we get your landrover in good working order


We have a landrover courtesy car that you can use while we work on your car


We’re a family owned company, we understand the importance of excellent customer service


We are a specialised landrover garage, so we know how to look after your landrover


We have over 15yrs experience working on landrovers and other vehicles, when you choose GX Landrovers you know you’re in safe hands

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