01242 672125

01242 672125

Evesham Road, Gotherington, Cheltenham, GL52 8SA



We use the latest and most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to allow us to look at your landrover, repairing the vehicle as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

We are an independent landrover specialist garage in Cheltenham.



We offer a regular MOT service to ensure your landrover is legally roadworthy and everything is running well. During our MOT we will check the brakes, batteries, air conditioning....

Here at GX Landrovers we are a specialised landrover garage

Servicing & Repair


Landrovers, so they have built up a great amount of knowledge and expertise which will be applied to your vehicle when you chose the team here at  GX Landrovers in Cheltenham.

The team of professional mechanics here at GX Landrovers only work with one brand of vehicle.



Although there are currently no MOTs for trailers it is still important they are as road safe as the landrovers that are towing them. It is down to the trailer owner to check the road worthiness of the trailer and ensure it is road safe.

Here at GX in Cheltenham we are able to service and maintain a wide range of trailers.

Trailer Servicing


This includes the removal of the old gas from the air conditioning system to a deep discharge level, we then recharge the air conditioning system with gas.

We offer a full air conditioning service for landrovers in Cheltenham.

Air Conditioning

GX Landrovers

Evesham Road,

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