01242 672125

01242 672125

Evesham Road, Gotherington, Cheltenham, GL52 8SA

Servicing & MOT's

If your landrover is due for its MOT or service, then you’ve come to the right place, here at GX Landrovers we are a specialised landrover garage. Over the years we have built up a reputation as an independent landrover specialist garage in Cheltenham that you can trust and rely on.

The landrover specialists here at GX Landrovers know that a well maintained landrover helps prevent mechanical breakdowns and costly bills later on down the line. Our team of landrover experts can offer you sound advice and honest solutions which will help you to ensure your landrover is constantly performing at its best.

During our Landrover MOTs our team will check every component of your vehicle to ensure it’s in top condition so as to avoid collisions and damage. We offer a regular MOT service to ensure your landrover is legally roadworthy and everything is running well. During our MOT we will check the brakes, batteries, air conditioning, wheel alignment, clutches, shock absorbers, tyres and exhausts so you know your landrover is at its best.

As an independent landrover specialist in Cheltenham, we are able to provide servicing and MOTs for landrover owners across Gloucestershire. We offer a collection and delivery service or a Landrover courtesy car, allowing you to get on with your day while we service or MOT your vehicle. You can also wait in our child friendly waiting room while your landrover is MOT'd or serviced if you would prefer.

As specialists in landrovers we can offer advice and guidance on tyre choices, suspension and brakes to ensure that your vehicle is properly equipped for the road, dirt tracks or muddy roads. If you tell us where, when and how you use your vehicle the most we can recommend the best options for you.

Landrovers are specialist cars so you need a specialist landrover mechanic to work on them. When you choose GX Landrovers you know you’re in safe hands because we know how your car works and we know which safety checks to look for when you do bring your car into our landrover garage in Cheltenham.

Why not call us now to book your landrover in for its next MOT or service.

Why Choose GX

Landrovers in Cheltenham?


We offer a local collection and delivery service


We have a waiting area available so you can wait comfortably while we get your landrover in good working order


We have a landrover courtesy car that you can use while we work on your car


We’re a family owned company, we understand the importance of excellent customer service


We are a specialised landrover garage, so we know how to look after your landrover


We have over 15yrs experience working on landrovers and other vehicles, when you choose GX Landrovers you know you’re in safe hands

GX Landrovers

Evesham Road,

Gotherington, Cheltenham,

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