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01242 672125

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Trailer Servicing

Here at GX Landrovers in Cheltenham we are able to service and maintain a wide range of trailers for our customer’s landrovers. Although there are currently no MOTs for trailers it is still important they are as road safe as the landrovers that are towing them. It is down to the trailer owner to check the road worthiness of the trailer and ensure it is ‘road safe’.

VOSA and the Police are legally able to spot check a trailer and if they feel it is not safe to be on the road they can fine the driver and / or the driver may receive penalty points on their driving licence. The expert engineers here at GX Landrovers want our customers, their landrovers and their trailers to be safe so we offer Trailer Servicing in Cheltenham at great value for money.


How Often Should I Service My Trailer?

It is really important to service your trailer, not only does this help keep your trailer working at its best but it will also prolong the life of the trailer and extend the lifespan of the parts. If your trailer has been well looked after, you will find this helps with selling it or part exchanging it.

It’s recommended that your trailer is serviced every 6months or every 6,000 miles it is used regularly or is used for heavy loads. For a lighter use trailer, for example if it’s used for runs to the tip or for camping holidays then it needs to serviced annually, ideally when you come in for your landrovers servicing in Cheltenham you should get your trailer serviced in Cheltenham at the same time.

A lack of proper trailer servicing and trailer maintenance is the cause of most breakdowns and accidents involving trailers. The most common maintenance issues are bearing failures, lights, brakes, coupling and worn / damaged tyres.

What Do We Do As Part of the Trailer Service in Cheltenham

We check, service and maintain the following trailer components;


  • The Coupling – handbrake, breakaway cable, jockey wheel, coupling head, linkages, bellows, damper drawtube.
  • Road Wheels – tyres, rims, wheel studs / nuts, hub face, spare wheel
  • Brakes – shoes, springs, bowden cables, linkages, compensator / rods, adjuster / expander
  • Bearings – seat / rack, oil seal, stub axle
  • Suspension – wear, alignment
  • Electrical – rear lights, front marker lights, side marker lights, number plate lights, reflectors, wiring loom, 7 core cable / plug, junction box
  • Chassis and Bodywork – drawbar, chassis, bodywork / floor, prop stands, mounts, fasteners

Trailer Servicing prices in Cheltenham start from £80 + vat and we have a team of experienced trailer mechanics who have spent years working with trailers and landrovers. When you choose GX Landrovers for your trailer servicing needs in Cheltenham you know you’re in safe, expert hands.

Call us now to book your trailer in for a servicing.

Why Choose GX

Landrovers in Cheltenham?


We offer a local collection and delivery service


We have a waiting area available so you can wait comfortably while we get your landrover in good working order


We have a landrover courtesy car that you can use while we work on your car


We’re a family owned company, we understand the importance of excellent customer service


We are a specialised landrover garage, so we know how to look after your landrover


We have over 15yrs experience working on landrovers and other vehicles, when you choose GX Landrovers you know you’re in safe hands

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