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01242 672125

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Our team of expert mechanics for landrovers highly recommend that owners of landrovers in Cheltenham get their wheel alignment checked regularly, especially after a violent shock to the car in the form of the car hitting a kerb, catching a speed bump or entering an unseen pothole at speed. Shocks like this can mess with the tyre alignment of landrovers and can make driving harder and unsafe while causing undue and costly damage to the vehicle.

Here at GX Landrovers as well as offering a tyre fitting service, we also check the balancing and tracking of landrovers every time we give the vehicle a service, MOT or change the tyres on the vehicle. When you choose GX Landrovers for your tyre fitting, tyre balancing or tyre tracking needs you know you’re in safe hands. Your vehicle will be taken care of by a team of experts and enthusiasts of landrovers. The team of professional mechanics here at GX Landrovers only work with one brand of vehicle, landrovers, so they have built up a great amount of knowledge and expertise which will be applied to your vehicle when you chose the team here at  GX Landrovers in Cheltenham.

Our expert mechanics have been working on landrovers in and around Cheltenham for so long that they have a vast amount of know-how which allows us to spot potential problems on your vehicle, before they become a larger issue, cause additional damage to your car and cost lots of money. Although we may only be changing your tyres, while your vehicle is with us at GX Landrovers in Cheltenham we will be checking the vehicle over for any mechanical concerns that you may not be aware of.

GX Landrovers is a family business, we care about our customers and we care about landrovers. We constantly offer a comprehensive and personal service, always treating you and your vehicle with the utmost care and respect. We are proud to offer a service to landrovers in Cheltenham and surrounding areas that is second to none.

If you have a query about tyres for landrovers, tyre tracking or tyre balancing give us a call. Our friendly team of expert mechanics are happy to answer any queries you may have.

We offer a full tyre fitting service in Cheltenham, so why not book your car in with us now?

Why Choose GX

Landrovers in Cheltenham?


We offer a local collection and delivery service


We have a waiting area available so you can wait comfortably while we get your landrover in good working order


We have a landrover courtesy car that you can use while we work on your car


We’re a family owned company, we understand the importance of excellent customer service


We are a specialised landrover garage, so we know how to look after your landrover


We have over 15yrs experience working on landrovers and other vehicles, when you choose GX Landrovers you know you’re in safe hands

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Evesham Road,

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